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Senior financial executive with a successful consulting and corporate leadership career leading to a position as Managing Director of the Louisville Office of Dean Dorton Ford. Prior to that he served as Chief Administrative and Financial Officer for a $900 million healthcare system anchored by a leading tertiary teaching hospital.  Background includes CPA and FHFMA certification and over 25 years progressive leadership in the healthcare industry. Extensive experience in all areas of health care leadership, management and finance with a concentration in strategy and new business development, corporate finance, information technology, mergers and acquisitions and talent development. Representative experience includes:

  • Chief Financial Officer for $900 million health system anchored by a large tertiary teaching hospital. Key role in the formation of the partnership between a large downtown tertiary health system and a suburban system owned by a leading national system.
  • Start up and leadership of a large, regional CPA and consulting firm’s Louisville Health Care Practice. Significant business development and community partnership building lead to 60 % growth of this practice in one year.
  • Development and leadership of a 3 state, $11 million healthcare practice for a big four CPA firm.

One Response

  1. I am VP, Marketing with Sg2 and read your comments with great interest. If you have 15 minutes next week, is there a chance that you and I could connect via phone to talk a bit more. I’d like to get your perspectives on the most pressing issues facing hospital CFOs and how they make decisions to effect positive change.

    Many thanks for your kind words on Sg2’s behalf.

    Marty Gilbert

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