Clear Language Group

I love diversity in just about everything that I do. My musical tastes are quite diverse (some would say eclectic), I read everything I can get my hands on from biographies of historical figures to James Patterson mysteries. Certain of my hobbies (flying in particular) require the development of competencies in multiple disciplines.

But mostly I love diversity of people. I have always worked best with teams and the highest performing teams in which I have been involved have been the most diverse. Not just racially and ethnically diverse, but diverse in terms of talents, backgrounds, experiences and skills.

Given my orientation, I found myself interested in the discovery of the existence of the Clear Language Group. On of the CLG’s leaders, Janet Ohene-Frempong recently spoke to a group of leaders focused on health literacy. CLG’s website says this about its focus:

The Clear Language Group (CLG) is a consortium of health literacy, plain language and cross cultural communication specialists. We help you reach the 90 million American adults with limited-literacy skills and “average” readers who also need clear, plain language communications.

While it’s a shame that we haven’t been able to reduce illiteracy to the exception in our society, it’s absolutely wonderful that our cultural melting pot is continuing to be stirred. Perhaps as technology, innovation, the development of emerging markets and other trends gather more and more momentum, we will all become more culturally aware and respectful of each other.


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