“Too often we . . . enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”

George Will’s February 18 essay entitled, “Sarah Palin and the mutual loathing society” brought to mind the above quote from John F. Kennedy. (I’ll admit that I take some glee when a bona fide conservative like Will calls out Sarah Palin and her ilk.) In his essay, Will takes to task today’s populists and suggests that intelligent discussion and negotiation will lead to workable solutions. He opines that true populism hasn’t resulted in political change in this country since the election of Andrew Jackson in 1832.

Our health care crisis persists largely because Americans are intellectually lazy. Not everyone, but a large plurality at least.

It’s far easier to cling blindly to an ideology that can summed up in sound bytes than diving into the overwhelming complexity surrounding the issues, particularly the mind-numbing health care “system.” While it’s understandable, it is dangerous and at stake is the well-being of Americans from all walks of life.

My beef is with our alleged leaders in the government. There is no doubt in my mind that the goal of our congressional leaders is simply to get and hold on to power. McConnell, Pelosi, Reid and Boehner. Different parties, one goal.

We, individually and collectively, should insist that this shared goal be set aside, that compromise is the value that should guide the discussion and that one approach over the other will surely be sub-optimal. If we don’t do this, and allow the power brokers to continue playing the same old game, George Will may be proven wrong.

It might not work our so well the next time populism rules the land.


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