Dean Dorton Ford Named a Best Place to Work

Most of my friends reading that headline might be amused at the shameless self promotion, particularly in light of my post cautioning readers about the value of hospital awards (for a refresher, click here) when trying to find quality.

But, facts are facts and our firm did win this award yet again in 2009.Okay, awards are great and accountants are especially good at filling out forms and checking off lists that lie at the base of these kinds of things. But the facts are that we have a great place to work at DDF.


I would attribute it to the following:

First and foremost, the leaders in our firm care about the people working in the firm. By leaders, I mean everyone with more that one year of experience. And, those leaders care about both the professional development of our people, but also their personal lives.

During my experience in the health care industry, I had the opportunity to work with Quint Studer. One of Quint’s many quotes related to turnover is something to the effect that people don’t leave jobs or companies, they leave managers. If an employee feels that his or her manager cares about them as a person, it makes it very hard to leave the company. I think we do a good job of that at DDF.

Second, a recent study found that the number one thing that professionals cite when asked about job satisfaction is that they want to feel like they are making progress. The very nature of our work at DDF lends itself favorably to this measure of job satisfaction. We work on projects, we have a clearly defined career progression, and our folks understand that growth is important to both the firm and to each person on the team.

Finally, our leadership focuses on values and a descriptive future. We value helping others achieve success and believe that our personal success is directly related to how well we do in helping our clients and people achieve their goals. We all work to make a living. But we excel when we believe that what we are doing has a higher purpose. We can always improve, but we do this really well at DDF.

So, at the risk of talking out of both sides of my mouth, which I have been known to do, this time the award means something. Congratulations DDF.


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  1. Dean, thank you for the mention. Your work is appreciated.

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