New Year’s Resolution – Support the Health Enterprises Network

In a few days, my term as Chairman of the Health Enterprises Network will come to an end. Last Thursday night, the Network hosted its annual holiday party, which was attended by over 300 of Louisville’s leading executives and entrepreneurs. Rishabh Mehrotra, Chief Executive Officer of SHPS, will be the Chairman for the next two years.

A number of folks asked me if I was “relieved” to be at the end of my term. In some cases, I feigned humorous relief, but in fact, I felt a little melancholy. It was a great experience. I had that unique opportunity to work with a great executive committee and staff, assist with events with excellent speakers, and help new companies identify talent. However my fellow Board members would evaluate my term, I feel personally and professionally enriched as a result.

I was fortunate to have played a role in the formation of the Network, serving on the initial “visioning” committee with a number of prominent health-related business leaders. That group had lengthy discussions about the role the Network would play in the health-related businesses market place in the future.

The Visioning committee was primarily focused on economic development…essentially, trying to discern how this role could be best met by the Network. We looked closely at Nashville, examining the reasons for the explosive growth of proprietary health care companies in that market over a long period of time. Our discussions led us to the conclusion that two things were key for Nashville.

First, there was, and still is, an ecosystem of networked leaders, managers and entrepreneurs that convene frequently as a group.  Second, Nashville companies have considerable access to venture and private equity capital.

This year, our executive committee reaffirmed that, given the economic development mission of the Network, the primary strategy to be utilized is facilitating networking. (The Network provides value to members in numerous other ways, but all tie back to this mission and strategy.) Louisville is blessed with many talented and creative leaders and managers throughout the health care and related market. A significant percentage of those folks have ideas for services and products that address market needs.

Connecting those with creative ideas, entrepreneurial spirit and professional and personal commitment with CEOs of established companies, sources of capital and advice, and each other will allow us to develop a robust ecosystem of innovation here in Louisville. I think we have already made substantial progress in that regard. But, we need to avoid losing focus and support the Network in 2010 and beyond. And, we need to continue to focus on capital formation to fund these endeavors.

In these tough economic times it is my hope, that leaders, CEOs, of our leading companies will continue to support the Network. And, by support, I mean financially and with their consistent participation. There is really no way to measure the value associated with an interaction between a young entrepreneur and the CEO of organizations like Humana, Anthem, SHPS, Norton Healthcare, Baptist, Kindred and the University of Louisville (and many others). It’s simply invaluable!

So, join me in making a New Year’s resolution to support of Health Enterprises Network in 2010. It’s in your, and the community’s, best interest.

Happy Holidays.


2 Responses

  1. Great piece Mark. You have been a great ambassador for Health Enterprises Network and we thank you for your support these last 9 years.

  2. Impressive, Mark! We are lucky to have you as one of our Health Care Leaders in Louisville.

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